August 2014  
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  • We are pleased to announce that an article on the Union City School District was published in the New York Times this past Sunday. The article was written by Dr. David Kirp, a distinguished professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley, who has been working with the Union City Schools for the last three years. This article encapsulates the many accomplishments that the district has achieved as a result of your hard work and dedication.

    Union City Public Schools NY Times Article
    Click to view the NY Times Article
We are extremely proud and honored for this once in a lifetime recognition. Anticipating your continued support in the future!

Stanley M. Sanger
Superintendent of Schools

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Note to Parents:
Please contact Dr. Menendez regarding children that have been displaced and are currently attending school outside of Union City. Also, be sure to inform our school district if the students are now attending a Union City public school due to displacement from another school district.
Dr. Delia Menendez,
Supervisor of Support Services
201-348-5851 ext: 1065
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