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   May 26 2016 at 07:00 PM
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   May 27 2016
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   May 30 2016
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   Jun 17 2016


 Celebrating Union City's 
12th Annual Health & Wellness Fair
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    More than 100 pre-school students, and many of their parents and guardians, celebrated Earth Day Friday at Eugenio Maria De Hostos School with a recycling magic show that emphasized the importance of protecting our environment.

      Children and parents were entertained by two local magicians: “Micky Magic (Mike Gomez )” and the “Amazing Xanadu,” both of whom performed a wide range of magic tricks all aimed at reinforcing the need to live a healthy lifestyle and to take steps to save our planet.

       From sleight-of-hand coin tricks to balloons and disappearing cards, the presentation thoroughly captivated the imagination of all the children, and most of their parents and guardians.

       On a more serious note, “Micky Magic” asked all the children to take an oath that they “will never hurt my precious body, will always protect my neighborhood and planet…will recycle, reuse and renew…and never smoke cigarettes and will help and encourage my family and friends to not add any poisons to the air we breathe.”

          The fun afternoon, organized by Community Relations Director Mercedes Joaquin, was capped off with free ice cream provided by Mayor/State Senator Brian P. Stack.


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 Dear Colleagues,

 I'm pleased to announce the selection of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School as a Title I – High Performing Rewards School by the New Jersey Department of Education.   Woodrow Wilson School was chosen for this award as a result of high levels of achievement for the last two consecutive academic years.  The school will receive a grant amount of $50,000 to enhance the school's successful Title I  program.

 Once again, congratulations to Mrs. Geraldine Perez, Principal and everyone at Woodrow Wilson School for making this extraordinary recognition possible!


Mrs. Silvia Abbato, Superintendent of Schools 




 Sunday Review    JANUARY 9, 2016   
 CONTRIBUTING OP-ED WRITER                David L. Kirp
 How to Fix the Country’s Failing Schools. 
And How Not To
 4th graders A fourth grader worked with his teacher at an elementary school in Union City, N.J                                                               .

     A QUARTER-CENTURY ago, Newark and nearby Union City epitomized the failure of American urban school systems. Students, mostly poor minority and immigrant children, were performing abysmally. Graduation rates were low. Plagued by corruption and cronyism, both districts had a revolving door of superintendents. New Jersey officials threatened to take over Union City’s schools in 1989 but gave them a one-year reprieve instead. Six years later, state education officials, decrying the gross mismanagement of the Newark schools, seized control there.

     In 2009, the political odd couple of Chris Christie, the Republican governor-elect, and Cory Booker, Newark’s charismatic mayor, joined forces, convinced that the Newark system could be reinvented in just five years, in part by closing underperforming schools, encouraging charter schools and weakening teacher tenure. In 2010 they persuaded Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, to invest $100 million in their grand experiment. “We can flip a whole city!” the mayor enthused, “and create a national model.”

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  Welcome Back 
  to an Exciting 
  New School Year!

Silvia Abbato
Superintendent of Schools

Union City Schools Receive Prestigious Awards

Statewide Education Association Shines Its Spotlight on Union Hill Middle 
School 

Woodrow Wilson School Receives Prestigious National Award for Second Time  

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